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Wynnton Area Five Points

Columbus aka Fountain City because of all the fountains, mostly in the uptown area. This fountain is in the Wynnton area of town and is one of my favorites. I just happend to drive by and took a snap as I was sitting at the light.

the view from my window

this is a one view from my window at work. i just happened to look up from the document i was editing and noticed the sunlight on the elevator tube.

The 2nd Best Bar-B-Q in Town

13th Street Bar-B-Q, the second best bbq joint in town. Although, my husband might argue that they are the best. The owner is a fan of Harley motorcycles, hence the Hog on a Hawg painted on the wall in the patio seating area.

Hog on a Hawg
Pork Chop Sandwich always a $1.49
We Let the Hawgs Out

Phenix Produce Market

I have a feeling it's been a long time since any produce was sold at this market:

Everything but produce out front from what I can see.

Fireworks For Sale . . . Not

It's legal to purchase and discharge fireworks in the state of Alabama. However, you can't purchase or discharge the fireworks within the Phenix City limits. As the city limits have expanded. several fireworks stands have been abandoned or are being used by other businesses.

This particular stand has not been operational as long as I have lived in this area, but I have always liked the red and white rockets.

Pre-Civil War Cabin

For Sale. With modern plumbing. Only $50,000. If interested, stop by Ol' Salem Antiques in Salem, Alabama.

Union 76 . . .

Gas station sign. I particulary like the old arrow with the old bulbs.

I drive by this garage every day on my way to work and did not 'see' this sign until a few days ago.

River Road Grocery

I was out for a drive a few weeks back and stumbled across the River Road Grocery. The building was built in 1937 and was a hub for moonshine during prohibition. A hand-painted Nehi sign was painted on the side of a small outbuilding on the property.

The owner told me that several years ago several more vintage signs as well as the old gas pumps were stolen. No respect.

Spring is Springing

I managed to get away from my desk for almost an hour at lunch yesterday. As I was strolling along the river walk, I noticed this interesting tree. Not sure what it is, if any of you horticulturalists out their have a clue, give me a holler.

Southern Traditions

Food for the soul . . . and for the stomach.

Ckik-fil-A, the best chicken sandwich money can buy.

This company has a unique way of advertising, they use cows, proposing that we eat more chicken. Quite entertaining. Click this link to see the cows.

Post post link: As I was exploring, I discovered Atlanta Daily Photo also commmented on the creative advertising for this company. Click here.

Roadside Memorials

I've been taking pictures on memorials along the highways and byways. This is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, there are far too many of these on the roads around my home. Alabama is one of the few states that leaves the memorials where they are placed, as long as they do not interfere with road crews or endanger other drivers.

Three Crosses

Indian Maiden

What do you see when you look at this snap?

The Red Boat House

I took this snap a couple of years ago. It even won me a second place in a photo contest. It lost to a snap of a kid or a dog. You just can't win against kids and dogs. Anyhoo, I love the green of the water and the red of the boat house. This is nature at it's best; I did nothing to enhance these colors.

Red Boat House

Japanese Magnolia

the weather is warming
the sun is shining
blooms break free of confinement

AKA Tulip Magnolia. I love these blooms in shades of purple and pink. They bloom in late winter - early spring. A nice punch of color in the drab landscape.

Japanese Magnolia

Smokey Pig Bar-B-Q

I know it doesn't look like much, but Smokey Pig was voted the best bar-b-q in Phenix City three years running. I usually get the sandwich plate with fruit salad and brunswick stew (you have your choice of sides). Mmmm Mmmm good : )

Sculpture Walk

Phenix City is right across the river from Columbus, GA. Over the last two years Columbus has been adding some interesting artworks along Broadway, in Uptown. This is one of my favorite pieces:

May Flower
Susan Geissler

Moon Over . . . Alabama

I saw the moon on my way into the parking deck on my way to work. I found it appealing, the faint tint of pink.

Horace King Memorial Bridge (aka 14th Street Bridge)

Old Central High School

Is now used as a community center. Quite a nice looking building.

The cupola is original and has quite a nice patina, although the sirens leave something to be desired.

Fishing Down by the River



At the public library . . .

Need I say more . . .

Mural at Idle Hour Park

Today was a beautiful day to be out and about in Alabama. TOM and I went to Idle Hour Park for a walk. The park was created/built in the 1940's by Martin Theaters, now known as Carmike Cinemas (based on Cols, GA). The 'original' park had amusement rides, a zoo, and Moon Lake.

The amusement park is long gone, replaced by a play ground, but Moon Lake is filled with ducks and geese. Surronding the lake is a nice walking path and several picnic tables for those lazy Sunday afternoons.

At one point, a mural was painted on the wall under the stadium. This snap is of three of those panels (which include the train and the ferris wheel). Some of the panels have been defaced with graffiti and I cleaned them up with photoshop.

Idle Hour Train
Mural Specifics: Mural 28' x 140' depicting midway of 1940s Idle Hour Park. Carousel, train, skating, zoo, pool, dance hall, bowling, fortune teller, Ferris wheel. Sponsored/painted by Phenix City Arts Council, Phenix City Parks & Rec…

Another Southern Tradition

When we finished 'decorating' the house the creativity had no place to go but to the back yard. We still have a long way to got, but we did get the bottle tree constructed. I would like to have blue bottles, but they can be hard to get your hands on (unless you want to buy them). Anyway, our tree has it's own special charm.

Folklore says that evil spirits slip into the bottles and can't get out, protecting your home.

Muffler Man

I drive by this muffler shop everyday. It always amused me that they sell Mexican pottery as a sideline. They often have 'interesting' folk art sculptures near the road and today I stopped to take some snaps of 'Muffler Man' (and some of the pots). I am not really diggin the light, too harsh, but it will suffice for today.

Short Pots

Tall Pots

Board Shorts

No Shorts

The Last Battle of the Civil War

The Russell County Courthouse stands on a hill overlooking the Chattahoochee River. On this spot in 1865, the last battle of the American Civil War was fought.

Russell County Courthouse

Historical Marker

Dillingham St. Bridge

This bridge was also constucted by Horace King. These two bridges (the one from my previous post) are approximately 1/2 mile away from each other with a great big new bridge in between. The new bridge is not so attractive.

14th Street Bridge

Now called the Horace King Memorial Bridge. Used only for foot traffic. The bridge is officially in Georgia, seen from the Alabama side of the Chattahoochee River.

Welcome to the Phenix City [Alabama] Daily Photo

I really love looking at other daily city photos and thought that I could share some snaps of the (small) Alabama city where I live. Come back soon.

Train bridge over the Chattahoochee River