Another Southern Tradition

When we finished 'decorating' the house the creativity had no place to go but to the back yard. We still have a long way to got, but we did get the bottle tree constructed. I would like to have blue bottles, but they can be hard to get your hands on (unless you want to buy them). Anyway, our tree has it's own special charm.

Folklore says that evil spirits slip into the bottles and can't get out, protecting your home.


Rambling Round said…
I like the blue bottle too, but these look great to me. Now, I want one of these!
How fun! I was thinking of doing a "mini bottle" tree but so few places use the mini bottles anymore. I'll figure it out. Love you tree.
bfarr said…
My plsn was to really fill it up, but the old man had other ideas. I guess I can add bottles when he's not looking hehehe ...

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