Mural at Idle Hour Park

Today was a beautiful day to be out and about in Alabama. TOM and I went to Idle Hour Park for a walk. The park was created/built in the 1940's by Martin Theaters, now known as Carmike Cinemas (based on Cols, GA). The 'original' park had amusement rides, a zoo, and Moon Lake.

The amusement park is long gone, replaced by a play ground, but Moon Lake is filled with ducks and geese. Surronding the lake is a nice walking path and several picnic tables for those lazy Sunday afternoons.

At one point, a mural was painted on the wall under the stadium. This snap is of three of those panels (which include the train and the ferris wheel). Some of the panels have been defaced with graffiti and I cleaned them up with photoshop.

Idle Hour Train

Mural Specifics: Mural 28' x 140' depicting midway of 1940s Idle Hour Park. Carousel, train, skating, zoo, pool, dance hall, bowling, fortune teller, Ferris wheel. Sponsored/painted by Phenix City Arts Council, Phenix City Parks & Recreation.


Rambling Round said…
I like the name of the park...sounds really relaxing.
bfarr said…
Hey, Rambling...if you ever come this way you'll have to check it out : ) It is a nice place to relax.

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