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Before the Rain

I love to take photos of flowers. And I would have to say that my spring favorite is the wisteria. I love the spicy scent that covers the yard. Nothing smells better than that. The scent of home : ) I wish I could send it to you thru the wire.

Standard Oil and Produce

Before 7-11 we had Standard Oil and Produce
Hwy 80 West
Today the structure appears to be used for storage and has been standing empty for the last 12 years. I do love the distressed blue doors.

Moon Lake at Idle Hour Park

Back in the day you would find people swimming, boating, and fishing in Moon Lake. Families would be eating at the picnic tables and visiting the animals at the zoo. Yes, the zoo.

Today, it's mostly walkers, joggers, and runners. No boats, no swimming, but plenty of fishing. And let's not forget the requisite feeding of the ducks and geese by one and all.

2nd Avenue Antique Shop

I drive by this shop maybe once a week and am always drawn to the colorful hand-painted signs. I wonder if they really charge an admission?

Decorative Iron

A few weeks back I took a run thru the flea market and one of the vendors was making what looked like fireplace tools. He was using what looked like an old webber grill for the hot coals. Ingenuity wins the day.

New Kid on the Block

I would never have guessed that we would have vending machines for DVDs. I was on my way to work so I couldn't stop to read the details of how it works. I am pretty sure you have to provide a credit card number in the event you don't bring the DVD back.

Phenix City Amphitheater

The Phenix City Amphitheater sits below the Dillingham Street Bridge on the Chattahoochee River. A great place to listen to some great music on a warm summer night with a cold bottle of beer and your honey. Not necessarily in that order.

Phenix City Amphitheater

Stage and Seating, with Dillingham

Say a Little Prayer for Me

First, I have no idea how they came up with this name for a towing company.

Second, this guy needs as many prayers as he can get, just after I snapped this shot he started to merge left and almost took out the car in front of me. (Maybe that's how they get business.}

Third, I hope he is not the only tow available if I ever need one.

And the Clock is Ticking

This sign is the twin to one in a previous post. This one is located on Seale Road. And the building where it lives.

You've Got Mail

Mailbox on Summerville Road</center

Bikes are Fun


The Holland Mansion

The Holland Mansion is named, I believe, after Holland Creek and was built for the first mayor of Phenix City. This house has been bought and sold a few times since I have lived in the area but I guess the previous owners bit off more than they could chew when it came to the type and expense of changes that would be needed.

About 8 years ago, the house was in foreclosure with an asking price of 150k. (They probably would have taken 75k.) I got the key and went right over. She is glorious with the exception of some bad renovation ideas and the fact the one of the previous owners had pulled all eight of the fireplace mantels. I assume to help pay for renovations.

She is a 3500 sq. ft shotgun, with beautiful moldings, pocket doors, and high ceilings. I don't know if she has been purchased, but today no one lives here.

down by the river

I ran down to the river walk before heading home to check the river. The water is running high below the damn, good for all those folks who live further south, not so good for the heron. Today, they were all standing around because their favorite fishing grounds were flooded. Double click the photo for a better view. I really think he was looking at me : ) What do you think?

Coldest Beer in Phenix City

That's pretty important on a hot summer day.

I'll have to check it out some day. Counry Store on Sandfort Road.

Two Quackers at Moon Lake

An afternoon at the Idle Hour park includes communing with wildlife of the avian variety. Canadian geese and and ducks surround the lake. Don't forget the stale bread.

Kat Says . . .

. . . reading is good for you.

Alabama State Flower

With a Visitor

Sister Wig

Sister Wig on Broadway
I could not help but notice these colorful wigs as I was parking my car in uptown Columbus. They are quite striking, but I mean really...who wears these things?

Stained Glass

Kindergarden Art Work
The company I work for is a 'Partner in Education' with the grade school magnet academy across the street from our campus. As team members, we are encouraged to spend time with the children reading or doing other activities. Many departments have 'adopted' a class.

As part of this interaction with the magnet, our Toastmasters club sponsors a Leadership program for the 5th grade students. It is amazing to watch these young people learn and become comfortable with the fine art of public speaking. Many of them speak better than many adults I know.

Anyhoo, one day when I was over at the magnet for our meeting, I came across this artwork created by the Kindergarden students and I thought it was just beautiful. And today I share that beauty with you.

Turtles on the Rocks

The turtles are back. They lounge on the rocks all summer long. On many days there will be so many that you can't see the rocks.

Old Citizens Bank Building

Phenix City has never been a city of 'industry'. The people that live here have driven across the Chattahoochee River to work in Columbus for a hundred years, first in the cotton mills and now in the various industries that have replaced them.

We have very few architecturally interesting buildings in Phenix City and the ones that we did have were destroyed by the National Guard in the 1950's, but more about that at a later date.

We do however, have the Old Citizens Bank. This building has lived several lives, one as a pet store, another as a game room. Currently, it sits alone on the corner of Broad and Dillingham streets, sorely in need of some loving care. I imagine one day they will tear it down too.

Front facade facing Dillingham Street
Concrete Detail

Facade facing Broad Street

Lee County Flea Market

Took a trip to the flea market last weekend. I was looking for a cap for my Tin Man. I didn't have any luck in that respect, but there was a lot of other stuff for sale. One of the stalls was selling these charming bird houses.

Girlfriends (aka Elite Cafe) Mural

Mural on the side of Girlfriends Restaurant. I have never eaten here as they specialize in 'southern home cooking' which is too heavy for me. They appear to have good business and are very busy during the lunch hour. I am sure the food is terrific.

1501 5th Avenue, Phenix City
The side of the building facing the Coulter Building has been painted with this charming mural.

Complete Mural

Vine around the door

Kitty on the wall

the Indian Heritage Center

This Eternal Flame is dedicated to the Creek Indians and all Native Americans that were gathered together in Fort Mitchell, AL in 1836 before being taken to the Oklahoma Territory on what is called the 'Trail of Tears'.

The names of the 8,522 Creek Indians who were forced to leave this area are engraved on one of four plaques.

Note: Not really sure why they call this a heritage 'center' as there is not a 'center' here. Maybe they have plans to build one some day.

If Only I Had a Heart

A while back, I was exploring the treasures at a local antique shop. One of the items that caught my attention was this charming Tin Man. I comtemplated the purchase and decided to take a snap instead.

I began saving cans of various sizes so that we could make our own. Because we buy specialty coffees I had to make a special purchase of the store brand to get the can. I gave the coffee to my son. We are still searching for a funnel for his cap. We will have to make a run to the flea market as they don't seem to carry them in stores anymore. . .

He is quite sturdy and remained standing during the recent high winds. HIs charming personality will begin to show as he ages.

Bringin' Down the House

On Broadway near the River Center is one wall of what was an old apartment(?) building. Ground level is a courtyard for one of the may watering holes. Notice the three fireplaces on what would be the second and third floors?

Reuse and Re-Cycle

I always love to see someone reuse an item that would normally end up in the dump, in this case an old Yamaha motorcycle. You can see this creative reuse of a motorcycle for a mailbox post by driving south on Hwy 165 near Ft. Mitchell, AL.

Phenix City Arts Center

Created to promote the arts in Phenix City. The arts council organized the painting of the mural at Idle Hour Park (which by the way is across the street).

Phenix City Arts Center

After the Storm


The PBR is on me

I always seem to take the long road home these days, especially when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. I was driving down Railroad Street today and almost missed this Pabst Blue Ribbon sign. I don't know how because it's big, probably 4' x 8' at least.

Anyhoo, I really liked the colors and the 'paisley' background.

Here is a close up of the background:

My Homage to Southern Snow

Many of the southern city photo sites are posting 'snow snaps'. This is my contribution to this occasional southern phenomenon.

Having grown up in Minnesota, the three inches we received is next to nothing, but no less exciting to see for this Yankee in Alabama.


Murano glass sculpture at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Many have seen the Murano glass light installation in the lobby of the Bellagio, so I thought I would use this sculpture.

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