Friday, March 20, 2009

The Holland Mansion

The Holland Mansion is named, I believe, after Holland Creek and was built for the first mayor of Phenix City. This house has been bought and sold a few times since I have lived in the area but I guess the previous owners bit off more than they could chew when it came to the type and expense of changes that would be needed.

About 8 years ago, the house was in foreclosure with an asking price of 150k. (They probably would have taken 75k.) I got the key and went right over. She is glorious with the exception of some bad renovation ideas and the fact the one of the previous owners had pulled all eight of the fireplace mantels. I assume to help pay for renovations.

She is a 3500 sq. ft shotgun, with beautiful moldings, pocket doors, and high ceilings. I don't know if she has been purchased, but today no one lives here.


MaCoBra said...

Hi, nice blog, What is the connection of Holland Creek with the country The Netherlands? Were there Dutch setllers? I love the nostalgia of the old empty homes you've posted. Reading the news it seems the US is currently having a lot of empty homes and a lot of homeless people.
It is something I understand but from a distance very unfair..

Aanglin said...

Hi my name is Alisha Riddle Anglin, Grandaughter of Ina Williams Riddle, Warren Williams The 1st Mayor of Phenix City or Brown City Was my my Grandma Riddles Grandfather & my Great, Great a matter of fact my grandmother passed away at 98 yrs old and she told me some wonderful stories of living in that home with her father Warren Williams and Grandfather Warren Williams ..I have pictures of my Grandma with her Mother holding her on the front porch of that home and my Great,Great granfather, and Great Grandfather Warren Williams standing in front of the house after it was grandmother still has an old antique green sofa that came out of that home that is a hundred yrs old....She never let anyone sit on it....She was a great woman & no matter what anyone thinks its not the Holland mansion they just once owned it...its the William Mansion & i think its special that it was built for my Great, Great Grandfather Warren Williams..How often would you still have a historic home for the 1st Mayor of our home town its a beautiful landmark heritage home :) R.I.P Grandma Ina Willaims Riddle

Aanglin said...

My name is Alisha Riddle Anglin, Great,Great Grandaughter of Warren Williams, 1st Mayor of Phenix City, His son Warren Williams whom was named after him was my Father's Late Mother Ina Williams Riddle, who was a wonderful grandmother kind and very caring. She told me great stories of the Williams home, she even has my great, great grandfathers 100 year old sofa which came out of that home and is still in great condition..the point is, is that the new generations thinks its a historic landmark of the hollands home, i think its very important everyone should know it was built for great, great often do you have a historic landmark that was built for the 1st mayor of our town..i also have pictures of my grandmother right after it was built with her mother holding her on the front porch and her fahter and grandfather Warren Williams and ther family standing outside the home....i just wish everyone new the real truth behind that home... :)

ladytazp9 said...

I heard the house is haunted and that is why the house has been sold so many times. I live in the neighborhood,and have seen several people start to work on it but never stay long. I have always wanted to see inside the house. My husband and I love old houses and their stories. Our house was built in 1923. That's all we can find out about it. The Holland Mansion looks like t was a beautiful house in its day. Would be nice to see it that way again.

jdluvinkitty said...

I had no idea about the history of this home... I’ve lived in Phenix City or in the local area all of my life. Passed by this lovely old landmark many, many times. It’s wonderful to know some of its story.