If Only I Had a Heart

A while back, I was exploring the treasures at a local antique shop. One of the items that caught my attention was this charming Tin Man. I comtemplated the purchase and decided to take a snap instead.

I began saving cans of various sizes so that we could make our own. Because we buy specialty coffees I had to make a special purchase of the store brand to get the can. I gave the coffee to my son. We are still searching for a funnel for his cap. We will have to make a run to the flea market as they don't seem to carry them in stores anymore. . .

He is quite sturdy and remained standing during the recent high winds. HIs charming personality will begin to show as he ages.


ok so now I am going to sing wizard of Oz songs in my head all day. Cute photo.
Anonymous said…
Oh, he is too cute! I thought of making one with clay flower pots but this would be easier.
PJ said…
I'm certain he'll develop character and charm, and oxides.

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