Old Citizens Bank Building

Phenix City has never been a city of 'industry'. The people that live here have driven across the Chattahoochee River to work in Columbus for a hundred years, first in the cotton mills and now in the various industries that have replaced them.

We have very few architecturally interesting buildings in Phenix City and the ones that we did have were destroyed by the National Guard in the 1950's, but more about that at a later date.

We do however, have the Old Citizens Bank. This building has lived several lives, one as a pet store, another as a game room. Currently, it sits alone on the corner of Broad and Dillingham streets, sorely in need of some loving care. I imagine one day they will tear it down too.

Front facade facing Dillingham Street

Concrete Detail

Facade facing Broad Street


nanak said…
love the architecture of that building. it looks so vintage.
Rambling Round said…
This is such a beautiful building. Sure hope someone comes along to save it. Our town learned its lesson about tearing down old buildings back in the 60s.
Marc said…
This building deserves better, but the state it is in makes it an interesting object for photography. I like these pictures.
D said…
aw, it's beautiful. Somebody save it quick!
Stephanie M said…
I really hope to use this building one day. I have absolutely been in love with it since I was a young child. I plan on opening a restaurant one day - and this is exactly where I want it.

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