Stained Glass

Kindergarden Art Work

The company I work for is a 'Partner in Education' with the grade school magnet academy across the street from our campus. As team members, we are encouraged to spend time with the children reading or doing other activities. Many departments have 'adopted' a class.

As part of this interaction with the magnet, our Toastmasters club sponsors a Leadership program for the 5th grade students. It is amazing to watch these young people learn and become comfortable with the fine art of public speaking. Many of them speak better than many adults I know.

Anyhoo, one day when I was over at the magnet for our meeting, I came across this artwork created by the Kindergarden students and I thought it was just beautiful. And today I share that beauty with you.


nanak said…
yeah! beautiful!
thanks for sharing
m_m said…
Great! Nice photo!
PJ said…
I can remember doing this stained glass coloring with my son (isn't it great to relive your childhood all over again?). It looks beautiful and I love it when school is about more than meeting test requirements.

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