Murano glass sculpture at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Many have seen the Murano glass light installation in the lobby of the Bellagio, so I thought I would use this sculpture.

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Babooshka said…
That is incredibly cool and beautiful. Like an explosion in a paint factory.
very beautiful mix of color and glass art. like a big bouquet of glass for theme day
JM said…
Truly eye-catching! Great choice!
Jilly said…
How absolutely fabulous. I love the Chihuly we've been seeing today and this is something else again. Just wonderful. I know Chihuly did go and work with one of the glass places on Murano.
PJ said…
What a delightful choice for today, I love this kind of organic glasswork. It's always amazing to see.
PJ said…
PS I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Phenix City! You're just a hop and skip up the road. Love seeing the BBQ pics and and all that Alabama rustic.
nanak said…
wow! beautiful color

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