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Almost Time for Vacation

It's spring. More specifically it will be May in less than 24 hours. And May = Vacation. I like May. You miss most of the crowds and it's still considered 'low' season in many locales. This year, on May 9th, we are heading for San Francisco and Yosemite. I am really excited to get away from it all, back to nature, but I am afraid we are not getting away from all the people (based on the difficulty I had finding a room reservation at Yosemite). The falls are running and I hope I have enough room to set up the tripod with all the other shutterbugs around.
The photo I am posting today is from my trip last May to Costa Rica. What an amazing place. Tropical = Humid. Sunny = Hot. Adventure = Zip line, 4-wheeling, horseback riding, swimming, fishing, surfing. Dry season - didn't feel like it. The food was delicious, the Tico's warm and friendly, the country is beautiful.
We did have a little scare tho. As we were driving along the Transamerican highway (highway is a m…

Triple A (Art At the Airport)

At Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, they have a reallllly long hallway for fliers who prefer to walk to their terminal instead of riding the people mover (which can be really crowded). It allows for some exercise before or after your flight or if you arrive at the airport waaaaaay to early. Between the station for terminal A and Terminal B is a mini museum with some wonderful pieces of African themed sculptures and paintings. The 'foot' is one of my favorites and was particularly appropriate as I was at the airport way early and was 'hoofing' it to terminal E.

A Walk Thru the Neighborhood

Recently this little guy followed me on a walk thru his neighborhood. He wasn't aggressive and appeared very interested in the camera click. He saw me to the boundary of his territory and turned back toward home.

I'll Have a Ranger Burger . . .

. . . and a large sweet tea. A few weeks ago we stopped at the Four Winds Restaurant in Cataula, GA for a burger. Now this is not just any's a Ranger Burger. So named because of restaurant's proximity to Fort Benning, GA.

These are the best burgers around. The Ranger Burger is 8 oz of hand pressed, prime US beef. Everybody who is anybody has stopped by for one of these burgers. To prove my point, see the next shot. (I wish I had taken the originals on the wall.)
Sam Elliott and Mel Gibson, along with other cast members of the movie "We Were Soldiers Once" (which was filmed at Ft. Benning) ate here.
So if you are ever in the Phenix City-Columbus-Ft. Benning area, you need to head on over to the Four Winds for a Ranger Burger to call your own.

The Bargain Shop

At 1027 14th Street. One of the many small businesses that are no more. I never actually shopped here. All of the small businesses on this half of 14th have closed. They sold mostly second hand and junque items. I was drawn to the red around the doors. Pretty eye catching. After a peek inside, it appears as if they closed up shop one day and never went back.

Afternoon Ride

Out for an afternoon ride with historic Lummus Chapel and Linwood Cemetery in the background. If you are interested in old cemeteries, this is the place to be.

Heart of Dixie

Along Broad Street

Under the 13th Street Bridge

Walking on the Phenix City River Walk you pass under the 13th Street Bridge. This shot is facing east toward Columbus. The bridge is relatively new and was built to replace the 14th Street Bridge (aka Horace King Memorial Bridge) as it could not handle the volume of traffic.

Mosaic Bench

If you are ever in Opelika, AL you need to head over to Tiger Town mall to check out the mosaic benches. I can only imagine the number of hours that it took to create these works of art. They are extremely detailed and comfortable to boot. so stop by the Starbucks for a cup of java and take a break on the Tiger benches.

The Mott House

Located on the TSYS Campus in Columbus, GA. Once the home of the owner of one of the cotton mills in town. Occasionally used for Debutante balls or other formal gatherings.

Sin City

This tag is not artistic or pretty. It was painted on the back wall of the old Phenix-Girard Bank Building. Phenix City had a bit of a reputation in the late '40's and '50's and earned the moniker of "Sin City". Corrupt government, wild women, gambling halls, and even the murder of a prominent citizen. There have been a couple of books written about the city as well as a movie.

Another BBQ Joint

Head out the back gate of Fort Benning to Fort Mitchell for the best (have I said that before) bar-b-que in the immediate area.

Nature Trail at Idle Hour Park

Nature Trail at Idle Hour Park. You can bring your dog along on this trail. It is approximately a one-mile loop trail. If you have a family member you would like to memorialize, you can have a tree planted in their name. Take a walk on the wild side : )

Earth Art at Oxbow Meadows


Full House

We live with three cats and two dogs. Needless to say, our life is very interesting with the 'gifts' from the cats and the toys and treats buried in the garden. You've may remember this little 'Kat' from a previous post. All cats are unique, but she is truly special :) We are glad she decided to stay with us.

Anybody Got Rope?

In the spring, we spend a lot of time at the local home improvement store. As we were cruising the aisles looking for supplies I came across this box of rope and was drawn to all the colors. Caught myself wishing I needed some rope.

The Missing Station

Across the road from the Lee County Flea Market I found these gas pumps sans station. Usually you find the station without the pumps. Strange. It was a pretty day tho : )

I'm a Pepper. . .

He's a pepper, she's a pepper, we're a pepper . . .

Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too? Click this link to view the commercial.

Heron Sculpture at Oxbow Meadows

Oxbow Meadows. If you want to commune with nature but don't want to go to far from the city. They offer guided birding hikes and other activities throughout the year.

Do You Have the Time

This clock stands in front of Lane Jewelers on Broadway in Columbus. I don't know how long it has been standing there, but I really do like the look of it.

The Night the Stars Fell

Dateline: 1833 - The Night the Stars Fell
November 12-13, 1833, a Leonid Meteor Shower filled the Alabama night sky. Sleeping citizens were awakened by the bright flashes of light and sonic booms. In 1934, Mitchell Parrish & Frank Perkins wrote the song "Stars Fell on Alabama" which was recorded by Billie Holliday, Frank Sinatra, and Jimmy Buffet.

We lived our little drama,
We kissed in a field of white,
And stars fell on Alabama last night.
I can't forget the glamor;
Your eyes held a tender light,
And stars fell on Alabama last night.
I never planned in my imagination
A situation so heavenly,
A fairyland where no one else could enter.
And in the center, just you and me.
My heart beat like a hammer;
My arms wound around you tight,
And stars fell on Alabama last night.

I don't have a snap of a meteor shower so this will have to do.

In My Yard

I love spring, especially in the South. I can get outside and enjoy all the blooming. I have been waiting about 8 years for this fence to be'properly weathered'.

Smokestacks and Skylights

Shot thru the fence (as if you couldn't tell). One of the old mill building in Columbus that is being converted to condos.

Saturday in Pasaquan

Pasaquan is the vision of Eddie Martin (deceased). After years of roaming around the country, he returned to his family farm outside Buena Vista, GA. This is only a brief (very brief) glimpse into what he created.

The Bead House. This is where Eddie did his bead work.

This is the beading room. Eddie would fill the table with sand and draw lines from end to end in which he would lay his beads. That would keep them from rolling around while he was working out the design for his beaded curtains.
Another visitor to Pasaquan created this little video.
"I built this place to have somethin' to identify with, cause there's nothin' that I see in this society that I identify with or desire to emulate.

Here I can be in my own world with my temples and designs and the spirit of God. I don't have nothin' against other people and their beliefs. I'm not askin' anybody to do my way or be my way.

Although, when I'm dead and gone, they'll follow like night follows d…

A [Weed] Grows in Phenix City

As I was driving home Friday I looked up and saw this plant (weed) growing in the sill of this broken window.

7 Up Special - Two for the Price of One

This first sign is at 1101 Railroad Street in Phenix City. Just a 'ghost' of a sign.

This second sign was found in Buena Vista, GA near the town square. Originally painted in 1946 by Jimmy Bush, the sign was repainted in 2002 by Norm from Texas.


Looking for some funky yard art or maybe something for you home. You might want to take a look here.

Corner of 5th Avenue and 18th Street
Columbus, GA

Pine Mountain Trail

A few weeks back, before all the rain and snow, we headed to FDR State Park to hike the Pine Mountain Trail. It was only a day hike and we typically don't get too far as I always see something that requires me to stop and take a snap. I am not sure if this is kudzu or not, but it has been growing around this tree for quite some time.

Before the Rain (2)

On a recent walk thru the neighborhood, I was on a mission to snap all the bird houses I could find. This is one of my favorites.

Theme Day - The Color of the Sun - Yellow

On a recent sunny Saturday while I was out for drive (well I wasn't driving) I caught sight of this sunny yellow fire hydrant next to some sunny yellow pansies. I hope this puts you in a sunny mood :)

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