Almost Time for Vacation

It's spring. More specifically it will be May in less than 24 hours. And May = Vacation. I like May. You miss most of the crowds and it's still considered 'low' season in many locales. This year, on May 9th, we are heading for San Francisco and Yosemite. I am really excited to get away from it all, back to nature, but I am afraid we are not getting away from all the people (based on the difficulty I had finding a room reservation at Yosemite). The falls are running and I hope I have enough room to set up the tripod with all the other shutterbugs around.

The photo I am posting today is from my trip last May to Costa Rica. What an amazing place. Tropical = Humid. Sunny = Hot. Adventure = Zip line, 4-wheeling, horseback riding, swimming, fishing, surfing. Dry season - didn't feel like it. The food was delicious, the Tico's warm and friendly, the country is beautiful.

We did have a little scare tho. As we were driving along the Transamerican highway (highway is a misnomer, one lane each direction) that dissects every little burg. The old man (TOM) was speeding and right before our eyes appeared the local constabulary. Now TOM had been warned about speeding. They stand in front of your moving vehicle with one arm extended front and the other pointing to the side of the road. You don't have much choice. We opted for pulling over as opposed to hit and run.

The officer was cordial as he told us we could chose one of two options: a ticket, confiscation of our passports until we paid said ticket, and a missed departure on Sunday (your tickets are paid at the bank in San Jose on a weekday); or we hand over $40 U.S., no ticket, no delays, resume or journey south. You don't have to be Einstein to figure out which option we chose. We probably fed his family for a month. At least it went to a good cause.

Back to the photo. This is TOM and me with Arenal Volcano in the background on our very first day in Costa Rica rigged up for our very first ever Zip Line adventure. Amazing :)


Rambling Round said…
Hurray for Vacation season! Love the volcano in the background.
PJ said…
Oh, I hope you get to take a lot of pictures for us to see. I've never been and have always wanted to go. Have a wonderful time.

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