Full House

We live with three cats and two dogs. Needless to say, our life is very interesting with the 'gifts' from the cats and the toys and treats buried in the garden. You've may remember this little 'Kat' from a previous post. All cats are unique, but she is truly special :) We are glad she decided to stay with us.


James said…
My cat wanted me to ask you to tell your cat that she's very cute.
Rambling Round said…
Sweet kitty!
We have three cats and one dog plus a dog who likes to sleep in our garage! Anyway, our cats bring gifts to us every day, and a couple of nights ago, one brought us a baby beaver! She was so proud!
bfarr said…
James, Kat thanks your cat.

RR, on one occasion Kat left a mole for my son on his pillow...while he was sleeping on it.

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