I'll Have a Ranger Burger . . .

. . . and a large sweet tea. A few weeks ago we stopped at the Four Winds Restaurant in Cataula, GA for a burger. Now this is not just any burger...it's a Ranger Burger. So named because of restaurant's proximity to Fort Benning, GA.

These are the best burgers around. The Ranger Burger is 8 oz of hand pressed, prime US beef. Everybody who is anybody has stopped by for one of these burgers. To prove my point, see the next shot. (I wish I had taken the originals on the wall.)

Sam Elliott and Mel Gibson, along with other cast members of the movie "We Were Soldiers Once" (which was filmed at Ft. Benning) ate here.

So if you are ever in the Phenix City-Columbus-Ft. Benning area, you need to head on over to the Four Winds for a Ranger Burger to call your own.


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