Saturday in Pasaquan

Pasaquan is the vision of Eddie Martin (deceased). After years of roaming around the country, he returned to his family farm outside Buena Vista, GA. This is only a brief (very brief) glimpse into what he created.

The Bead House. This is where Eddie did his bead work.

This is the beading room. Eddie would fill the table with sand and draw lines from end to end in which he would lay his beads. That would keep them from rolling around while he was working out the design for his beaded curtains.

Another visitor to Pasaquan created this little video.

"I built this place to have somethin' to identify with, cause there's nothin' that I see in this society that I identify with or desire to emulate.

Here I can be in my own world with my temples and designs and the spirit of God. I don't have nothin' against other people and their beliefs. I'm not askin' anybody to do my way or be my way.

Although, when I'm dead and gone, they'll follow like night follows day."
Eddie Martin (aka St. EOM) as told to biographer Tom Patterson.


Hilda said…
What a fantastic, amazing house! He looks to have been a very talented man. I like all the patterns and have similar items in our house, but definitely not in this scale.
B Squared said…
Wow! Such a world view. Must have been so interesting to talk to.
• Eliane • said…
Very original, unique and fun!

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