Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Triple A (Art At the Airport)

At Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, they have a reallllly long hallway for fliers who prefer to walk to their terminal instead of riding the people mover (which can be really crowded). It allows for some exercise before or after your flight or if you arrive at the airport waaaaaay to early. Between the station for terminal A and Terminal B is a mini museum with some wonderful pieces of African themed sculptures and paintings. The 'foot' is one of my favorites and was particularly appropriate as I was at the airport way early and was 'hoofing' it to terminal E.


Mike said...

Nice photo of a fun sculpture. It looks a little like my foot :-) Love your new banner photo!

Hilda said...

That sounds like a great use of space. Love the texture of the foot.

bfarr said...

Mike, you must be a fisherman...what am I saying. all men are fishermen : )

PJ said...

I've missed this but will look for it next time I'm there.
I love the pooch and I love the new banner. The mist is glorious.