Cali Wildflowers (4)

Mariposa Lilly

I saw these lillies clinging to the side of a rocky hillside. I missed the first one we passed, just a white flash. But I was looking more closely for the second bunch. Unfortunately, the camera (you know it's never the operator) was acting up so I didn't get a clear shot of the beautiful red and gold decoration in the center.

Petals are typically white but vary to smoky-blue with a flush of pink. Each petal has a black spot positioned above the nectary which may well serve as a nectar guide for potential pollinators.

Common in open gravelly areas with chaparral and montane coniferous forests


Jacob said…
Sure blame the camera! For what? This is gorgeous! It's hard to imagine that growing all by itself on a hillside. Looks like a carefully cultivated and cultured flower!

Very nice.

Oh, I've never tried frog legs...and now with your "greasy" testimony, I'll probably pass the next time they're offered.
D said…
Lovin' the wildflower posts!

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