Flying Fish

A few weeks ago, after the raging river receded, I came upon an interesting site. Men fishing. Now you might be thinking 'not so unusual', but this group of fishermen were fishing with their hands. Fish were trapped in the shallows just waiting to be scooped. They were having a lot of fun.

Back in the day, the Creek and Muskogulgi Indians fished in this very spot with nets, traps, spears, and bows and arrows.


Jacob said…
Must be kinda slippery. Beats sitting in a boat all day under the hot sun, I guess. Wonder what kind of fish they "catch"?
Hilda said…
Even if they're caught in the shallows, I don't think it's easy trying to catch slippery fish with your bare hands. But it does sound like fun!
Rambling Round said…
Nice windfall...or maybe fishfall!
bfarr said…
From what I understand they were catching bass and catfish. And they were throwing the small one back : )

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