The Great Flood 2009

It was 4:30 on a Sunday morning when a great torrent of water, mud, and trees rushed across
highway 80 and down the embankment toward the marina.

At the Columbus waterworks, an employee received a warning that something was wrong with an open air tank with 6 million gallons of water in it. When he reached the tank, it was slid right down the hill with the water and the trees. In this photo, the tank would have been on top the hill and that lump of white (almost hidden) is what is left of the tank.

You know someone had to be driving by when that tank failed. I bet they thought God had finally had enough of our shenanigans.

Please excuse the less than attractive photo, but there really was no place to stop :)


Dusty Lens said…
Holy cow! Must have been quite the storm. Strange, flooding there, dry up here.
Rambling Round said…
What a catastrophe...where did all that water go?
bfarr said…
Luckily, there are no homes in the flood area. Mostly deserted night streets and a good portion of that 6 millions gallons headed right for the Chattahoochee River.

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