National Infantry Museum

On a recent Saturday, we went to the new National Infantry Museum at Ft. Benning. The exhibits will not be ready until June, but you can eat lunch at the Fife and Drum Restaurant. Go see a movie in the IMAX Theatre (currently showing Everest, The Pyramids, and The Dark Knight). Or spend some money in the Gift Shop.

We did not make it outside, but there is a parade ground, for graduations, etc, WWII era barracks that were moved from Harmony Church on Ft. Benning, and of course Iron Mike to greet you at the door.

I understand that when Ft Knox closes it's doors, a new Armored Museum will also be built near here.

If you opt for shopping, I want one of these . . .

Have a great day : )


Jacob said…
Very interesting. We got confused coming that way from Florida last year and almost tried to drive through the main gate at Ft. Benning. On 9/11!!!

Probably wouldn't have been a pretty picture if we'd succeeded.
Hilda said…
Hahaha, oh I love that complaint department number! I want one too!

I followed your Iron Mike link. Very powerful statue and the description of infantrymen was very moving. And I still keep hoping that someday, we will not need their services anymore.

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