Wednesday, May 27, 2009

National Infantry Museum

Iron Mike

The National Infantry Museum is located at Patriot Park, just outside the gates of Fort Benning, GA. Iron Mike is there to greet you. He was recently restored and waiting in a warehouse for the museum to open.

Lobby of the National Infantry Museum

The exhibit area is located behind the faux granite thing at the back of the lobby. Before the walls went up, they drove a Bradley Fighting Vehicle into place. Never again to roll onto the battle field. Lobby left (out of frame) is the gift shop and the movie ticket counter. Lobby right (out of frame) is the Omni Theater. Upstairs is the Fife and Drum Restaurant and meeting rooms.

Fife and Drum Restaurant

My Lunch

The food was good, the service OK. The prices however were a little on the high side and I only say that because a large number of retirees might find the prices prohibitive. They did have some interesting installations of military photos from various wars. So if you are ever in the neighborhood . . .

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Jacob said...

Interesting post! I think we drove right past this place, but we were in a hurry to get to Colorado so we weren't doing any sightseeing. Maybe next time.

Thanks for the tip about the food.