Stop and Smell the . . .

California Wildflowers. I have always loved taking photos of flowers so vacations provide opportunities to photograph flowers that I would not normally see. I especially love wildflowers. I am currently on a quest to identify each of these blooms.

Numbering left to right, top to bottom (1)Unidentified (2)Unidentified (3)Unidentified (4)Unidentified (5)Unidentified (6)Unidentified (7)Unidentified (8)Red Ribbons (9)Snow Plant

If you know the common name of any of these blooms, leave a comment. You can click the photo to enlarge and get a better look.

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PJ said…
That's one for the wall. I love all of them.
Rambling Round said…
Lovely collection of flower photos.
Babooshka said…
I'm so lame at identifying flowers, but I know when something is gorgeous and this is.
bfarr said…
Thank you all for you lovely comments.

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