Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Explorations in Photography

the Red Feather

Strangly, this red feather reminded me of the French film "The Red Balloon" in which a young boy is followed around the streets of Paris by a red balloon. No dialogue, just music.

I remember watching it at my grandpa's house, maybe on the Kukla, Fran and Ollie Show. My age at the time was in the single digits, so it had to be in the 60's. I felt a bit like that boy the day I took this photo as the wind was blowing and I had to 'chase' the feather. Obviously it wasn't filled with helium (or suspended by wire), but the gentle breeze kept tossing the feather around.

Have you thought about your childhood lately?


Jacob said...

I'd think about my childhood but I can't remember that far back! ;-)

I like this shot very much. What is the feather from do you think?

Rambling Round said...

Every day! I grew up in a small town where childhood was magical!