Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Goat Rock Beach

Sonoma County, CA. Our last day in Cali and we took a drive into Sonoma County. We saw a few vineyards, quaint little villages and this marvelous coast. As you can see, it was a foggy day at the beach. This area in particular, was a flora fanatics dream. I saw more wildflowers near this beach than Yosemite and Alcatraz combined. My husband loves rocks, so this was his idea of heaven.


Jacob said...

Beautiful photograph! I have never been north of San Francisco although I used to live in LA many years ago!

The Sonoma area is very special and you proven that here!

Thanks for your comments on Cedar Key - that is where we are at the moment, in a condo overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, celebrating 52 years of wedded bliss!

PJ said...

The new banner is drop-dead gorgeous. Seriously. I went overboard on memes last week so none this week and I get to visit. California never looked so good and you guys have such a busy art community. Pensacola needs to catch up. You and I have the same wildlife, they're so much fun to watch.

Hilda said...

I love this absolutely gorgeous photo! Magnificent rocks on a misty coast — I feel like I've walked into one of my fantasy novels.

Rambling Round said...

Makes me want to go exploring the California coast!