The Officer's Garden

All around Alcatraz are gardens. Small gardens, large gardens, gardens climbing the walls, and falling down rocks. I like how the shadow disects this shot. Visitors are not allowed to walk down the stairs to this garden as they are in bad (read dangerous) shape. It was a beautiful day on the rock.


Hilda said…
It is hard for me to imagine that this beautiful scene used to be a maximum security prison!
Rambling Round said…
Interesting. I never imagined that Alcatraz had gardens. Nice photo.
Jacob said…
Glad that you had a good time at Alcatraz - lots of folks couldn't say that! :-)

Do you know who keeps up the place?
bfarr said…
There are groups of volunteers who maintain the gardens.
Goodness, that is unexpectedly beautiful.
cieldequimper said…
Oh my, I had no idea it had become that nice! Thanks for showing it.

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