Stuck in the Garden

I seem to be stuck in the garden these days. It has been so hot and humid, that when I get off work in the afternoon I have no desire to go in search of the 'most amazing photo ever'. Do you find the squirrels in your neighborhood to be as bold as brass tacks? No matter what we do, as soon as we turn our backs he is back at the bird feeder. It is quite comical tho.


Jacob said…
So funny. Hot and humid here, too. 98 today!

We just put up a bird feeder with one of those large clear plastic covers. The squirrel jumps on the cover thinking he can wiggle down to the bird seed but it drops and flips him to the ground.

Quite comical. They are resourceful, though. I'm waiting to see they can defeat it.
Rambling Round said…
Happens at our bird feeder too! We can't keep it filled because the squirrels hog it!

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