Sunset and Vines

Near the old grist mill in Lee County are a number of old houses. I took this photo last winter and I liked the way the sunlight made it's way thru the trees. At this time of year, when the kudzu is high, you probably can't even see the door.


Jacob said…
The door is intriguing in itself - where does it lead to?

But the light is superb.

Nice work!
Ken Mac said…
gorgeous shots
tapirgal said…
I love these old details. Very nice photo.
Rambling Round said…
Wonder what's behind the door? I like the light and shadows effect.
cieldequimper said…
I absolutely adore this and yesterday's!
It reminds me so much of the "sleeping beauty" story by the Brothers Grimm. Brushing aside the growth of kudzu, the prince approached the door to an old chamber... (:

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