Bibb City Water Tower

The mill needed workers and the workers needed a place to live, and the infrastructure to support both, hence the photo of the water tower (notice the logo). An entire community sprang up around the mill, they named the community Bibb City.

Homes were built for the mill workers and their families. Bibb City had a police department and schools and playgrounds for the children. Many of the current Bibb City residents were employed at the mill. Bibb City has since been incorporated into Columbus because they did not have the tax base to support the services.

All this and more on the pristine banks of the Chattahoochee River.


Jacob said…
And about all that's left is a rusty old water tower...tell me that doesn't supply water anymore...

Nice shot. Love to photograph water towers. This is very well done, Barb!
Rusty things have character for some reason. Nice shot!
Certainly I did notice the logo. It looks like a butterfly.
Rachel said…
When I saw the water tower in your latest post I immediately thought of the one in Pell City and it was also part of a cotton mill complex. Very interesting!

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