Cow Appreciation Day

Today was Cow Appreciation Day at Chik Fil A. If you dressed up like a cow you got free chicken. and a side. and a beverage. a free meal, what a deal. surprisingly, there weren't that may cow people when I was there. I paid for my food and it was udderly delicious.

For the kids they had a milking station. With udders!!! What a hoot. If your lookin for free chicken, pull out that cow costume and get a mooooove on. This offer is good for today only.


Jacob said…
I wonder if Chik Fil A or however it's spelled does this around the country...never heard of it, but not a bad deal...

"Udderly delicious." Very cute.

I remember milking cows by hand on Grandma's farm when I was a kid...a very tough job!

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