Marshall Tucker Band

We went to see Marshall Tucker Band at the amphitheatre on Saturday. The show was a sell out. It was a beautiful night.

The band is looking old, just like the rest of us. They have been touring together for 39 years.

I didn't get the set list. I don't know if they even had one. We were near the sound board tech and he didn't appear to have a list.

This dude on the sax was awesome. He also played keyboard and flute. He really worked up a sweat.

I found this guy to be the most interesting looking. Loved the long gray hair. And let's not forget the hat!

The drummer looked like he had a hard day's night, but he knew what he was doing.

Just a bunch of North Carolina red necks kickin' out some jams and havin a good time.


Rambling Round said…
Great photos of this band. I like the amphitheatre down by the river. It will be nice when Selma gets theirs built.
D said…
LOVE it! I hope our amphitheatre is as nice as yours. The city leaders just broke ground this week. Ours is by the Warrior River. Hope we can pull in great acts like MT band so we can actually pay for the venue.

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