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I've seen this truck around the neighborhood for a few months now. The panels on the sides and back change as the truck drives around. Good idea, but I am not sure if the truck is used for other things, like deliveries.

Another reason I found this interesting is because Michael Registe was on the FBI's Most Wanted list for alledgedly killing two young Columbus men. He hightailed it to St. Maarten and was recently extradited back to Georgia. He even has a Wiki page.


Jacob said…
I've seen these trucks on the streets of Ocala, too. They are frustrating for two reasons...

1) I really don't want to be subject to advertising when driving my car, but more importantly,

2) They are a terrible distraction and could easily cause accidents.

Haven't seen them for awhile so maybe they were pulled.

I hope!
Rambling Round said…
Interesting! I haven't seen any trucks like these, but our local paper printed photos of our town's 10 Most Wanted and found most of them within about a week.

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