Mural at Dauphin Island

Last year on our anniversary weekend we went to Mobile. We have lived in Georgia and Alabama for 20 nearly years and had never been to the Alabama coastal area. Dauphin Island is a barrier island with a small year-round population. I really liked it there. I wouldn't mind having one of the beach front lots here. This mural was painted on one the beach houses.


Gunn White said…
This is what I call creativity ;-)
Jacob said…
Pretty mural. I've heard of Dauphin Island, but have not been there...better put it on my list!
Hilda said…
Sweet! I wouldn't mind having a house here either. I love the beach!
cieldequimper said…
Dauphin island as in the French for dolphin?! I love this shot, it's such fun!
That's a nice sea mural! Like the sea side, too.

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