Roto Rooter Calling . . .

Or were we calling roto rooter? If you live in rural Alabama chances are you have a septic system and sometimes you have trouble with that system. Well, today we woke up to toilets that didn't want to flush. This is the fourth time in about three years we've had to have the tank pumped.

We knew we had a drainage problem and put in a french drain earlier this year, but we haven't had any substantial rain for a month so excessive water can't be the problem. So now we think the lines have collapsed, which means we have to upgrade or replace the system. Cha-ching$$$. Luckily, we have access to a line of credit for home repairs.

TOM is stressing because he can't get anyone to call him back today. I guess he forgot that this is the beginning of a holiday weekend.

Don't worry, be happy. TOM, this is for you.


Jacob said…
That is a problem. And even worse is when people don't or won't call you back. One wonders if they have so much business they can afford to blow off customers...

Still...a phone call wouldn't hurt! That's just plain courtesy!

Very frustrating and we have the same problem here. I think it's endemic!
joan said…
Uuugh. Isn't it nasty? My sons house has the same issue.

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