Stairway to . . . the Laundry

I was in a colorful, happy mood today (I finished a really big project at work today) and I wanted to post a photo that represented a time when I was happy, carefree, and RELAXED. This was taken about 4 years ago on Caye Caulker in Belize, Central America.

Did you know that Belize has the longest barrier reef outside Australia. If you are looking for great diving and snorkeling, this is the place.


Jacob said…
This is truly a happy photo - the colors are perfect, feel-good colors, and well, I love staircases, so this is great to look at!
Hilda said…
I think that this is the prettiest and most cheerful laundry area that I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing the smiles! :)
Congrats on your success! This is indeed a festive, colorful picture.

Buenos Aires Photo
D said…
Amazing! If my laundry room was just half that happy, I might not dread the work as much!
Joan said…
What incredible colors! Lovely.

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