Strawberry Shortcake

It was a beautiful day in Alabama. Nice enough that we could eat dinner on the patio. That's right, outside. I grilled eggplant for sandwiches, spinach salad with bleu cheese, pecans, and raisins, and you guessed it...strawberry shortcake. Quite tasty. Is your mouth watering yet?

Post post comment: To grill eggplant, mix olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and basil or oregano. Brush mixture on eggplant (cut about 1/4" thick). Eggplant is like a sponge so don't use too much oil. Grill on medium heat for 3 minutes on each side. I like foccacia bread and top with brie (or other soft cheese), tomatoes and spinach. bon appetit.


Jacob said…
You betcha! That looks sooooo good! In fact, I think I'll head to the fridge and drag out some strawberries now...

See ya later!
Hilda said…
Oh it is!!! I love strawberry shortcake!

But very few places in the Philippines have the cool climate necessary for growing strawberries so they're quite expensive here.
Nathalie said…
Yes yes yes!
I wouldn't mind having the whole menu, thanks!
Rambling Round said…
Yum! I have strawberries in the refrigerator. BTW, how do you grill eggplant?
Really gorgeous menu! The strawberry shortcake looks so delicious! I bet it tastes fabulous too!

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