Saturday, August 29, 2009

Converted Mill Condos

Across from the Ledger-Enquirer building is the River Mill condoes. The renovation of the mill building was finished maybe six or eight months ago. I quess you would say this is the 'back' of the building because the 'front' of the building faces the river. I have shots of the condos here and here and here. You can also see them in my current banner photo.


Jacob said...

I remember this building from your previous posts, but I think this is the best one in terms of showing the whole building.

Must be nice; facing the river and all. A bit pricey, perhaps?

Great photo, Barb!

cieldequimper said...

Super building, and that water tower! I love American water towers!

Hilda said...

That's a very interesting new use for an old mill. And the view must be great, at least from the units in front. Has anyone moved in?