It's Raining Outside

I am considering joining the HDR revolution. I down-loaded Photomatix and have been playing around with it. I haven't paid for my license yet so if you look really closely you can see the watermark for the application (placed on tone-mapped photos). I really like the effect. The question is do I like it enough to pay for it?

The following shot is the same photo using photo compression. For some reason they don't watermark these. Go figure. I like both shots, but I really like the surreal effect of the first shot.


Jacob said…
I like your original best. HDR, in my humble opinion (which means it ain't worth much) must be used sparingly...and a good photograph doesn't need it; or can be ruined by it.

But, whadda I know?
Rambling Round said…
The first looks like a painting and the second like a photograph. Pretty scene.
cieldequimper said…
I agree with Jacob. I like the second one best.
bfarr said…
Jacob, et al. Thanks for the input. It is always good to get feedback from experience 'shooters'.
I think the technique is fun to play with and like your photo has such dramatic results, but I am always aware I am looking at a technique not a photograph. It's a "wow" effect but can be overdone easily. Again, like Jacob, "whadda I know?" I guess it depends how much it costs.

That said - yours is very cool!
D said…
I agree with Rambling Round, the first one looks like a painting. I like both!

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