Thursday, August 27, 2009


This is the home of the local newspaper. The Ledger and the Enquirer began as individual papers in the 1880's. The two papers became one in the 1930's, about the same time this building was contructed.


Jacob said...

Wow, that is a fine-looking structure! Hopefully, the paper will continue to be printed. So many are either closing up shop or cutting way back.

We quit subscribing to our local as they emasculated it...small, hard-to-read pages with no real content. Sad.

And I miss a good daily paper!

bfarr said...

Jacob, I know what you mean. I read most of the new online during my lunch break, but it is not the same as paper in hand with a good cup of coffee.

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

I don't know the Ledger-Enquirer but our newspapers are no more than entertaining shit and definitely neither informative nor independent anymore. So sad! Hopefully someone will come to fill in the market niche. I think there is still a market for printed local newspaper, see the "Amsterdam News" in New York.
Back to the roots, you newspaper guys…