Night at the Movies

(1) Supplies: popcorn and soda
(2) Attire: PJ's
(3) Accessories: Pillows and blankets

Instructions: Load up the car on a warm summer night. Upon arrival hang the speaker from your window. Watch the corny cartoon advertisement for the snack bar set to the tune of "Lady of Spain" Foot fight with your brother in the back seat.

Trip to the drive-in = $10, Nostalgia = Priceless

* Unfortunately, Field of Screens has gone out of business. Although, you can rent the drive-in for work functions and other special occasions.


Jacob said…
Our drive-in is gone too; not so long ago!

Those were the days, though!

Actually, I can't imagine watching a movie in our summer heat!

But then, we did it in the Minnesota cold...watched a movie that is!

No, Barb, I've not been on an airboat...had lots of opportunities, but other things took priority!

One of these days. They are extremely noise with those airplane engines in back!
joan said…
We still have one around here. They make money during the day operating a flea market.

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