Friday, August 14, 2009

On Broadway

I made myself leave my desk for lunch today. My mission, take photos of interesting architecture on Broadway in Columbus. I parked on the 1200 block and got busy.

Columbus is known as the 'fountain city'. I am not sure how many fountains there are, but they are found in the historic neighborhoods around town. In the years I've lived here some of the older, historic fountain have been stolen. How do you steal a fountain?

This fountain and several others like it can be found in the median on Broadway along with live oak and magnolia trees. They were added with a street-scaping project a couple of years ago.


Hilda said...

Lovely fountain and a magnificent tree!

I have the same question: how do you steal a fountain???

Rambling Round said...

That looks like a beautiful street! Interesting about the stolen fountain.

Jacob said...

This is excellent. Wonderfully composed with great symmetry. It is interesting and the colors are right on!

Very good work!