This is Goldie

I know she is not gold, but her eyes are. She is one of three cats that live with us. She was born in this house and has never lived anywhere else. Her mother, Magic, was a stray that moved in one day, had a litter of kittens and moved out a couple of years later. She occasionally comes back for a visit, but she is very happy in her new home. She is very fat. Goldie on the other hand is quite slim and muscular. She is a good hunter, although I am not pleased by her skill in that area. During the summer months she spends most of her time outdoors taking care of the rodent population. During the winter she comes inside and hunkers down. She is getting old too. She is a great cat.

I don't know what I like about this photo, but I do like it.


Jacob said…
She's clearing her ear itch so she can hear that darn rodent! Count yourself lucky! We're going to have to get a cat soon!

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