Friday, September 11, 2009

Bikes on Broadway

About 10 years ago, a local motorcycle group with Uptown Columbus began 'Bikes on Broadway'. It was a way to get locals back to the uptown area as an entertainment option. I wouldn't call it a festival as it is still relatively small, but I am sure it will continue to grow.

This vignette was set up specifically for photographers. They really should have put the orange vest away tho.

As a side note, this is 9-11 and the flag shot seemed appropriate.


Jacob said...

Very interesting. And a beautiful photo! And I had the thought that as a tribute to 9/11, the orange vest is appropriate as it represents all those workers/rescuers on the ground ...

By the way, I really like your header photo!

bfarr said...

Jacob, thanks for the comment about the orange vest. I didn't think of it that way.

Kevin Holland said...

I too have always hated the vest there. I kick myself every time I see it.