Floral Friday - Red

Cypress Vine (Iponoea quamoclit)

I found this growing alongside the train tracks. Whenever I stop along the road I get the strangest looks from people. And then we have the ones who honk, they scare the dickens out of me. I don't get it, do they think they know me? Do they think I'm nuts? Or are they showing their support? Happy Friday everyone : )


cieldequimper said…
This is so pretty, I don't think I've ever seen it before.
Hilda said…
LOL! They probably think you're a road hazard. ;)

The flowers are so pretty and delicate! They look so tiny too.

Thank you so much for your concern this past week, Barbara. It really meant a lot to me. Have a happy weekend!
Floral Friday said…
Very nice I have to stop when I see things to photograph. My husband shakes his head when I yell to him "We need to take a picture of that!" He is always so patient though.

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