The Highest Point in Alabama

This observation tower is built on the highest point in the state, Mt. Cheaha at 2,407 feet above sea level. But what would be beautiful panaramic views are blocked by trees and a TV tower. Go figure.


Jacob said…
Well, that's rather sad. I wonder if they plan to cut some trees down or lop 'em off a bit?

It's a beautiful tower; reminds me of one in Duluth, Minnesota.

Thanks for your kind comments. Here's a link to a photo of our Haley:

And you have a wonderful weekend, too!
cieldequimper said…
Lol. It's a lovely building though, I like it very much!
Hilda said…
It's lovely! You know I love old stone buildings. The place can do without the TV tower, but I don't mind the trees at all. Guess it can't really be called an observation tower anymore.
bfarr said…
Hilda, I don't mind the trees either. I am sure they could have found another location for the TV tower, but I am sure the proximity to Birmingham was a factor in placement.
bfarr said…
Jacob, I was looking thru your Minnesota portfolio and saw the tower photo you spoke of. Similar in size and color.

I also checked out your Haley. She's a nice looking dog. I love golden retrievers.
Joan said…
What a lovely building. We don't have enough stone to have structures like this so they always appeal to me.
Rachel said…
Love the color in this shot! It is gorgeous! And I am with you on the placement of the tower. They put it slap dab in front of the best part of the view. What is wrong with those people? No doubt, a man did it. If a woman had been there, it would look very different, believe you me!

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