Historic Golden Park

Historic Golden Park
Home of the 1996 Olympic Women's Softball
The stadium was completely refurbished for the Olympics.
On a personal note, my son worked for a food vendor during the games. One day he left a backpack behind a counter (before the games actually opened) and the bomb squad was called in to remove. Needless to say, the backpack was never returned.


Jacob said…
Excellent photo, Barb. The story about your son's backpack is funny, sort of...kinda sad that we're so spooked about these things these days...but, safe is better than sorry as they say!
Rambling Round said…
I didn't realize the softball games were held here. I do remember trying to get a room in B'ham and couldn't because of the soccer matches. Too bad about your son's backpack! Surely, they COULD have returned it. Wonder where it is now!
bfarr said…
Jacob and Rambling Round: Rumor has that the bomb squad blew it up : 0

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