Purple People Mover

I went into the pharmacy the other day and when I came out I saw this old/new truck. Pretty sweet, huh? I am not good at getting the names of the people that I talk to, but this is a 1940's era Dodge. The work took 2.5 years to complete and he and his wife drive it every day. No parking this baby in the garage. It was estimated at $35,000. Not too bad.

The white leather feels like butter.

The dream catcher painted on the side is representative of his wife's heritage.

Keep on truckin'.


Steffe said…
I always stop people with cool cars or trucks. And this is a cool one!
Jacob said…
So gorgeous! The detail work is amazing. I don't think I could possibly drive it around Florida, though! It would have to sit in the garage where I would sit and admire it. Oh, I might drive it around the block.

Great photos!
Wow, it is amazing how much time and effort these guys put in that truck. Indeed it was worthwhile every minute. Magnificent piece of art!

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