Gansta's in PC

We were on our way to take some shots of some buffalo. Yes, we have buffalo that move into the neighborhood each fall. I hate to think what happens when they leave each spring. Anyhoo, we have to drive past the local VFW and what do we see, but a mini car show. There are about 10 or 12 cars of various vintage and you vote for you favorite by putting a $$$ in the jar near the front bumper. The blue one got my vote because of the 'tommy gun' in the backseat. It's in the details.


Sharon said…
It's very well maintained....well, except for the bullet holes of course.
Jacob said…
'Tis a thing of beauty. The dream of every would-be Al Capone!

Love the gun.
Rambling Round said…
Did you contribute to their cause???
cieldequimper said…
Wow. Imagine an European seeing that: I'm gawping.
bfarr said…
Rambling, yes I voted for this one. My husband voted for the red one I posted earlier this week.

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