Happy Thanksgiving . . .

. . . from the Farr family.
We spent our morning plating up food for meals on wheels at the restaurant where my sons work. They have been cooking turkey (35) and ham (33) for 4 days. We ran out of sweet potatoes, but we put more meat on the tray. The rest of the menu consisted of green beans, rolls, and dressing and gravy. It was a good day.
To view more photos, check out the 'movie' below.


Paula said…
Everything looks wonderful and it's so nice to meet you and your family. How many people do you think you fed?
Hilda said…
What a busy week for them! Good, but tiring, I'm sure.

Wishing you and your family a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!
Rambling Round said…
A great way to spend Thanksgiving. Thanks for the slide show.
Jacob said…
Wonderful! You not only gave thanks but enabled others to be able to give thanks!

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