the Lake (bird) House

My brother and his wife built a lake house a couple of years ago. Last year for New Year's Eve we flew to Minnesota to celebrate at the lake house with them, bringing me to the reason for this post.
Because it's hard to purchase gifts for them, we decided to build a not-to-scale replica of the house. Last weekend we started construction and throughout the week TOM has been working on the details. It still needs a couple of final touches, but it's almost finished. It ended up larger than my original plan, but it turned out well. I am not including the finished product here for obvious reasons : )


D said…
What a thoughtful and creative gift! They're sure to LOVE it!
Hilda said…
Oh Barb! That is just the cutest thing and a most wonderful, thoughtful gift! I'm sure they'll love it!

After you've given it to them, can you post a photo of the finished birdhouse? And maybe the real house too? I'd love to see both!
Jacob said…
I'd say if the real house looks as good as the "bird" house, it must be very special!

Very thoughtful gift.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you!
bfarr said…
Thank you all for your kind comments. Hilda, yes I do plan to post the finished birdhouse closer to Christmas : )
That is so cool! They are going to love it.

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