Wood Spoke Wheels

I was quite intrigued by the wood spokes. I wondered as I was looking at these cars (this red one and a blue in a future post) if they were owned by the same person/family. You know one for him and one for her. This is the car TOM voted for. We did not stay around long enough to see which car one. Remember, we were on our way to see the buffalo.

Post post comment: As I was reviewing this post, I realized that I got out of sequence when I replaced my original post for 1 November with theme day photo. You will just have to come back to see what I was talking about : )


Jacob said…
These old cars, restored, are so very beautiful. One problem they had way back when, though, was flat tires...

My parents had an album full of photos of them by the side of the road, fixing their Model A's flat tires...that's about the only pictures they took on their trips. Every time they had a flat tire they took a picture!
Hilda said…
It's a beautiful old car but like you, it's the wheels that interest me too. I think it's gorgeous!

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