Christmas at Country's BBQ

 Across the street from our campus is Country's BBQ. Now some would claim Country's has the best BBQ in town, but I don't know about that. What is unique about this restaurant is that back in the day it was the Columbus' bus station. Outside, a bus waits for passengers that will never leave the station. Inside, murals depicting the history of the building are painted on the walls inside. We just vacated this table after a great lunch.

Post post comment: Mural: Bus Station Memories by Cheryl Mann Hardin.
10.5' x 22', completed in 1999


Jacob said…
I wonder how many bus boys work there?

Nice shot, Barb. An interesting place for sure, and it sounds like the food is good, too!
D said…
That's a great mural! Looks like a neat place.

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